At PostingsPlus, we offer a range of comprehensive fixed fee solutions to meet your business hiring needs and elevate your recruitment process. With PostingsPlus, you can expect amplified job visibility, robust employer branding, and sophisticated candidate assessment tools that lead to higher-quality hires.

Discover Your Hiring Needs

 At PostingsPlus, we streamline your hiring process by first understanding your unique needs, then crafting targeted job descriptions that highlight the essence of each role and your company. Our collaborative approach ensures we align with your specific hiring criteria, covering everything from essential skills to cultural fit.

Market on Leading Job Boards

At PostingPlus, we amplify your job openings by strategically marketing them on leading job boards and social networks. By leveraging our expertise and extensive network, we ensure your positions gain maximum visibility among the right candidates. Our approach is designed to cast a wide yet targeted net, capturing the attention of qualified professionals across all major industries.

Screen, Shortlist & Interview

At PostingsPlus, we streamline your hiring process by meticulously screening, shortlisting, and interviewing applicants on your behalf. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most suitable candidates, who match your specific requirements and company culture, are presented to you. By handling the initial stages of recruitment with precision and care, we save you valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on interviewing top-tier talent ready to contribute to your success.

Submit Your Candidate

At PostingsPlus, once we’ve identified the top candidates for your position, we seamlessly submit them to your branded portal. This integration ensures a smooth transition of candidate information directly into your recruitment system, maintaining a professional and organized approach. Our process not only enhances candidate experience by aligning with your company’s branding but also streamlines communication and decision-making. Trust us to handle the submission process efficiently, making it easier for you to review and proceed with potential hires.


Unlock Your Employer Brand

In today’s competitive job market, standing out as an employer is essential. Our Job Branding solution empowers your organization to showcase its unique culture, values, and opportunities. We work closely with you to craft compelling employer branding strategies that attract top talent.

With Job Branding by Postings Plus, you’ll have the competitive edge needed to draw in top-tier candidates who share your vision.

Efficient and Effective Candidate Evaluation

Our Applicant Screening solution is designed to streamline your hiring process, saving you time and resources. We understand that sifting through resumes and applications can be overwhelming. Let us handle the initial screening, so you can focus on interviewing the best-fit candidates.

With Postings Plus managing your applicant screening, you’ll have confidence in the quality of candidates who make it to the interview stage.

Crafting Meaningful Interviews

Effective interviewing is the cornerstone of successful hiring. Our Interviewing solution equips you with the tools and techniques to conduct meaningful interviews that reveal a candidate’s true potential.

With Postings Plus, your interviewing process becomes a strategic asset for finding the best talent and making informed hiring decisions.

How It Works?


Choose PostingsPlus for Job Branding, Applicant Screening, and Interviewing solutions that transform the way you recruit. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you attract, evaluate, and select top-notch talent.

Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your organization. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more successful future for your team.